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Fuel Injection/Carbs

We are experts in fuel injection and carburettors. Having worked in conjunction with luminition with the first programmable fuel injection system on the market, mapping and testing it on the dyno we have developed mapping skills and maps for ultimate performance and drivability.

We continued with all of the systems that followed and today we have vast experience in most systems on the market and are still testing all new systems available. From cold start to race maps we can map your engine to run at its optimum level, normally aspirated or turbo charged/super charged.

We use and recommend MBE, Pectel, DTA, Emerald, Luminition, AEM

With our vast race engine knowledge we have become masters of Weber and Dellorto carburettor and multi carburettor set-ups and tuning.

From race to road we can set-up carburettors for optimum running and performance.

Apart from state of the art race engines over the years we have tuned many Italian supercars and historic cars with overwhelming results.

Ferrari 308 customers have experienced their cars running like never before after we have set-up their carburettors with smooth running, better performance, better fuel economy and now a joy to drive.

Have your car set-up by us and feel the difference.