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Lotus Twin Cam 912 and 907 Engines

There is only one way to make a good Lotus engine and that is to build it properly, machine it properly and use good quality components and that is not always easy. Meticulous attention to detail and hours of hard work is the only way to make these engines a true masterpiece.

Having spent thousands of hours developing, building and testing these engines in harsh racing conditions we have had amazing results. With so many race wins, championship wins, endurance wins over many years we have done it all.

With the reliability and power from our proven specifications these engines are a true favourite of ours and we are constantly building and redeveloping them even today.

Our customers have enjoyed years of trouble free road and track use with proven power, torque, and reliability with oil leak free engines.

We always carry a huge stock of parts and performance parts for these engines so please call with your requirements.