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Engine BluePrint and Design Development Services

Protune engineers have built a reputation on the track and on the road for building bespoke high performance engines that exactly meet our clients needs for power torque weight and size for particular vehicle applications.

Our meticulous engine building methods have proved over the years to produce unequalled reliability and performance with hundreds of race wins and fastest lap credits to our products.

Because of the outstanding track success and the above average performance in one make series, our engines have been subjected to numerous steward enquiries and inspected for championship eligibility time and time again. Our absolute commitment to exacting standards and always following the championship specifications means that our engines have always been passed these rigourous tests and our clients continue to lead the field with fully legal engines built to the highest standards and modified within the rules.

We specialise in period and specialist design like Lotus Twin Cam VTA and Maserati and have also built a vast array of generic race engines and have competed in the highest levels of Motorsport with overwhelming results.

All our engines are hand built in house and with our in house machining facilities we can replicate and reproduce quality products time after time.

We only use top quality components that we have tested in all our race engines to ensure their durability.

With a constant development program we are able to design new modifications for the latest engines and continue to improve the characteristics of older engines still being used in competition.

We can custom build your engine to suit your track application and can also adjust performance to match your driving style either on the track or on the road.

Although we are experts in the top end competition engine market we also build custom engines for road use and can build to your personal specification and budget.

We are also able to assist in providing a full machining service to support home built engines. We will machine your parts perfectly and provide guidance on you’re your project so that you can build and modify your own engine.

Championships that Protune engines have competed in been successfully:

-- Formula Ford
-- Monoposto
-- Caterham Class B
-- Caterham Class C
-- 750MC Caterham Class A
-- JCC Centurion
-- HSCC 70’S Roadsports
-- HSCC Historic Road Sports
-- HSCC Classic Sports Cars
-- Classic Clubmans
-- Historic Rallying
-- Formula Junior
-- CCC Speed Championship
-- Midlands Speed Championship
-- WSSC Speed Series
-- FIA European Top Fuel Drag Racing Championship
-- International Drag Racing Championships